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ReptilliansEven though modern-day Europeans and Americans claim that they do not believe in the backward animistic superstitious religions of people they look upon as primitive, there is an interesting trend that blossomed to new heights in december 2012. For some reason, the superstitious beliefs of a ‘primitive’ people, were deemed good enough for a multimillion dollar UFO industry. Old stories of gods and ghosts, were remodeled to fit… aliens. 

Intro [Edited]

What we call “aliens” are hyperdimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perceptions and can project themselves into our visible reality. They have been here for hundreds of thousands of years and continue to live here, mostly in underground bases. Some “aliens” helped genetically engineer the human race, while other factions later crippled human genetics in order to turn mankind into little more than a source of food.

Today, those interacting with humanity via abductions have a negative orientation and intend to create a race of human-alien hybrids capable of ruling over humanity while having total allegiance to the interdimensional aliens. Sci-fi books tend to identify these negative “aliens” as the reptilians, grays, and hostile nordic factions. There exist positively oriented beings as well, but they respect the law of freewill [if ruled over by hostiles, then freewill of the hostiles] and do not engage in physical abductions. Rather they exist as a spiritual brotherhood lending their service to protect and guide those of us who seek freedom from the limitations of this 3D matrix control system, prison/school earth.

Hostile “aliens” are 4D and 5D dark entities:

  • Consist of beings who have evolved beyond limited three dimensional linear time status. They exist at a level of reality beyond our five senses, the back stage to our reality so to speak.
  • Preside over all elements of the lower hierarchy of the matrix control system, from the individual to entire human organizations. They are beyond linear time and thus can do this.
  • Fourth density beings have the physical form related to whatever animal species they originally evolved from. All present on earth are humanoid in nature. Some look human, some reptilian, other insectoid. Their form is temporarily alterable due to the variable physicality of fourth density.
  • They are part of interstellar and interdimensional empires, seeking conquest. They take over entire worlds and races for genetic, physical, and spiritual resources. This is done patiently over thousands of our years, but because they are beyond linear time it does not hinder them.
  • They seek energy, and earth has been molded into a farm for them. This energy consists of human life force, emotional and spiritual and sexual energy. Being hyperdimensional, they can suck this directly via telepathic connection, or via the many agents or portals they have instated among the general population.
  • They have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, and have long ago altered the human genetic code to reduce us to our most primal levels, we are spiritually crippled because of this.
  • Above them are nonphysical entities of demonic nature, dark occult overlords who are supreme in their dark wisdom and knowledge. While 4D entities are rough around the edges and serve more as minions and henchmen, 5D entities are the commanders, Luciferian in nature. They are advanced enough to appear in whatever form they want, and can thus appear human. Some of the hostile red-haired nordics are of this category.
  • They are locked into their own mode of existence, and above them in the hierarchy is only the logos or thought center, the black sun, the spiritual black hole that inevitably sucks all self-centered consciousness into it. To stave off this spiritual death, they need increasing energy from those below in the hierarchy. In fact, all dark practitioners seek to avoid the metaphysical consequences of what they do, which is why they are into physicality and prolonging life while physical, they can do what they want and delay paying the debt.
  • Rather than being misguided or unevolved, these beings are highly evolved but in an entropic fashion. They have great knowledge and wisdom concerning how to serve the Creator within themselves at the expense of the Creator within others.

They have weaknesses:

  • Hyperdimensional beings occupy a bandwidth of probable realities whose spectrum corresponds to their soul frequencies. This makes them blind to certain outcomes (probabilities) that are not within their perception.
  • They are very practical, so they seek the easiest route. This is because they economize their energy and strategy. The nature of self-serving evolution involves conquest over resources, so focus and efficiency (calculation) are necessary.
  • They cannot easily deviate from their plans — all is calculated. It takes them a while to adjust to new evasive tactics employed by a target. Part of this is due to them attacking from outside linear time, meaning they send in their attack simultaneously along the past, present, and future. So what appears to us as an attack spanning several days or weeks is for them them a single instant, and so they appear slow to respond to our improvisations.
  • They cannot deal with complexity easily unless pre-calculated. Most of what they do is geared toward optimizing success, which usually involves moving along the probable reality that best fits their end goals. But if a target uses freewill to be unpredictable, this adds incalculable complexity to the range of branching probabilities and therefore disorients them.
  • They are arrogant. They think they always have the advantage, so they get careless; many times they don’t expect resistance because they think their agenda is secret and beyond human comprehension.
  • Lack of unity among them disrupts the spiritual coherence of their collective and therefore disintegrates what energy they collect, meaning they have to keep collecting more, thus they are like black holes needing more and more energy like a hyperdimensional pyramid scheme.

They preside over lower (human) levels of the control system. They incarnate primarily into associated bloodlines because DNA and soul tend to correspond. Bloodlines like these arise via genetic modification, or by mutation in response to the soul frequency of ancestors who made negative soul pacts with higher dark powers. These bloodlines have a physical and spiritual symbiotic relationship with their alien counterparts. Their function is power and conquest.

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  1. Find your own March 27, 2013 at 9:38 pm Reply

    You’ve obviously pulled this from the Montalk website.

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