B-D of African and African Originated Deities

Earth MotherAfrican and African Originated Deities

=== BBB ===

Baatsi (m) – Creator God – Efe of Congo

Balewa Yola – Fulani of Nigeria

Babalu Aye (m) – Earth God and God of healing and disease – Orisha of Brazil, originated in West Africa – also called Shanpana / Shakpana / Sopana, also Saint Lazarus of Dives

Bade (m): Loa of the wind – Vodou of Haiti

Bail (m) – Supreme God, giver of life – Dilling of Sudan – using the Arro in the next world to perform his work in the world of the humans

Bakulu (m) and Bakala (f):  Loa of the woods – Vodou of Haiti – also deemed Loa of ruin and misfortune

Buluku, Nana Buluku, Anana Buluku (f): Cosmic Creator Goddess, great grandmother of all the Orisha Vodoun – Mother of cosmic twins Mawu (Moon Goddess) and Lisa (Sun God), the first man and woman

Banga – God of clear waters – Ngbandi of northern Zaire

Baron Del Cementerio (m) – Loa of death – Vodou of Dominican Republic [See Baron Samedi]

Baron Samedi (m): Ghede Loa, keeper of the cemetery and primary contact with the dead – Vodou of Haiti – wife Maman Brigitte [See Ghede]

Bastet (Bast) (f): Sun goddess, later Cat-headed Moon Goddess – Kemet – daughter of Ra, Lady of Asheru and the Eye of Ra.

Bat (f) – Cow goddess – Kemet – later subsumed with the Goddess HetHeru (Hathor)

Bateta and Hanna – Soko of Congo

Bayanni/Babayanmi (f) – Goddess of cowrie shells – Yoruba – sister of Shango

Bayayida, Abuyazidu – Hause of Niger, Nigeria

Bia, Bea – God of wild animals – Akan of Ghana

Behanzin – Fish god – Fon of Dahomey

Beher – Sea god – Ethiopia

Belie Belcan (m) – Loa of justice and protection against demons – Vodou of Dominican Republic

Bo – protector god of warriors – Ewe of Benin

Bondye  (-) – the Supreme Creator God who is distant from the world – Haitian Vodoun – Le Bon Dieu meaning “The Good God”, married to Gran Met (Supreme Creator Mother Goddess), but mostly deemed ONE Supreme God

Bosou Koblamin – God of War, violent petro loa, protector of night-travellers – Haitian Vodoun and Yoruba Vodoun

Brekyirihunuade – Supreme God Akan of Ghana, Ivory Coast – Nyame, wife Asase Ye

Brise (m) – God of the woods and hills – Haitian Vodoun and Yoruba of Nigeria – protective of children, able to take form of an owl

Bromu, Boromu, and Brosia, Boronisa – twin Guardians of the secrets of Oduduwa – Yoruba of Nigeria – Bromu is in charge of desiccation and drying, Brosia is in charge of tornadoes and decimating specific areas

Buadza – God of the wind – Ga of Ghana

Bumba – Supreme God and Creator – Boshongo of Congo – three sons: Nyonye Ngana, Chonganda, Chedi Bumba

Bunzi – Woyo of Congo

=== CCC ===

Cachita (f), Candelina (f) Candelo Cedife (m) Clementina (f) Centinela (m) – Catholic Saints syncretized with Loa – Dominican Vodou

Cagn – Supreme God and Creator – Kalahari Bushmen of southern Africa

Cghene – Supreme God and Creator – Isoko of Nigeria

Chango, Shango (m) – Orisha of thunder, rain, lightning, fire, and masculine virility – Umbanda of Brazil and Yoruba of Nigeria

Chi – Spirit of humans – Igbo of Nigeria – after Chukwu and Ala, the most important divinity

Chibinda Ilunga – Luba of Angolo, Congo

Chide, Chido (m) – Creator God, Sun God associated with celestial affairs, God of the underworld – Jukun of Nigeria – known as Ama (f) when below in the earth

Chikara – Sky god – Korekore of northern Zimbabwe – son Nosenga

Chinawezi, Chinaweji (f) – Primordial Cosmic Serpent, Governor of the Earth, Controller of the Waters – Luba of Angola (Lunda) and Congo – husband Nkuba

Chipimpi, Kipimpi – Lambu of Zambia

Chiti Mukulu – Bemba of Zambia

Chiuke, Chukwu – Sky and creator god – Igbo of Nigeria

Chiuta – Creator God, Sky and rain god – Tumbuka, Tonga of Malawi – also called Chandu

Chukwu (Chi Ukwu) (-): Supreme God – Igbo of Nigeria – Chukwu is not believed to have human attributes, but is often referred to as “He”

Chwezi – red Hero gods, former rulers turned into timeless Spirits – Nyoro of North Uganda

Col – Rain God – Nuer of Sudan

Congo: Loa – Vodou of Haiti

Congo Savanne: malevolent Petro loa – Vodou of Haiti

=== DDD ===

Da, Dada – sacred Serpent who encircles the Earth to protect it – Fon/Daxome – embodied by the Atmosphere for many modern adherents [See Damballah]

Da Monzon – Bambara of Mali

Dada, Eda, Ida (m) – God of growth, newborn babies and vegetables – Yoruba of Nigeria – son of Yemaja

Damballah, Dumballah, Danbala, Da (m) – Sky Serpent God of wealth and virility – Vodou of Haiti and Dominican Republic, Dahomean in origin – wife Aida-Wedo

Danthó (f) – Loa of motherhood – Dominican Vodou – syncretized Saint Barbara Africana [See Erzilie Danthor]

Deng – Dinka of Sudan

Dengbagine – Zande of Sudan

Dente (m) – Ewe of Ghana

Dikithi – Mbukushu of Angola, Botswana, Namibia

Dinclusin & Chalotte: Loa of French “mysteries” – Vodou of Haiti

Ditaolane – Sotho of Lesotho

Djakomba, Djakoba – Creator God – Bachwa of Congo

Dodo (m) – Ancient Deity, father of the cardinal directions, but an Evil Spirit (or ogre) and embodiment of the dead – Hausa of Niger and Nigeria – wife Damina, Goddess of vegetation

Doni Dyu – the Seed of Knowledge – Bambara, Bozo, Dogon, Malinke, Minyanka of Mali

Doondari (m) – Creator God – Fulani of Mali, Senegal

Dugbo (f) – Goddess of vegetation – Komo, Tembe of Sierra Leone

Dya and Gla – the forces of Creation – Bambara of Mali

Dzemawon, Numbo (m) – Omnipotent god – Ga of Ghana

Dzivaguru (m) – God of water – Shona of Zimbabwe

Dzugudini – Lovedu – South-Africa



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