A-A of African and African Originated Deities

Earth MotherAfrican and African Originated Gods and Deities

Until you remember to honor your ancestors, you will continue on the path of self destruction your enemies have planted for you.

=== AAA ===

Abasi (m) –  Creator God – Efik of Nigeria – wife Atai

Abasi (m) – Messenger God – Anang of Nigeria

Abasi Ibom, Abassi Enyong – Ibibio of Nigeria

Abewera (f) – Primordial woman – Akan Ashanti of Ghana

Abonsam (m) – Spirit of Accidents and Disease – West Africa

Abora (m) – Creator God of the heavens – the Canary Island of Palma

Abradi (m) – Creator God – Ama and Nyimang of Sudan

Abua (m) – first man on earth – Abua of Nigeria – wife Egule (first woman), children Otabak (water), Amogan (hunt) and Akpede (medicine)

Abuk, Abuku (f) – first woman, after death merged with Ayidawedo into fertility Goddess – Fon of Benin and Dinka of Sudan – husband Garang (first man)

Acoran – Supreme God – Gran Canaria

Adjassou-Linguetor (f) – Goddess of spring water – Haitian Vodoun and Yoruba deity

Adoudoua (m) – Creator God – Agni of Baoule/Ivory Coast – children Nyame (sky) and Assie (earth)

Adro (m) – Creator God – Lugbara of Central Africa (Congo, Sudan, Uganda) – other aspect Androa

Adroa (f) – Creator and Sky God – Lugbara of Central Africa – other aspect Andro

Adroanzi – nature gods of specific rivers, trees and other sacred wild areas – Lugbara of Central Africa

Afa – Anlo Ewe of the sacredness of divination – Also known as Kpoli

Afefe – the wind god – messenger of Oya

Aganju (m) – God of Volcanoes – Yoruba of Nigeria

Aganju (m) – Orisha of volcanos, the wilderness, and the river – Lukumi of Brazil – Shango’s father or brother, member of the deified royal family of old Oyo, also known as Aggayu Sola

Agassu, Agasou (m) – Water God – Haitian Vodoun, Dahomean in origin and belongs to the Fon and Yoruba tribes – born from princess Aligbonon and a member of the leopard tribe

Agau (m) – loa of storms – Haitian Yoruba Vodoun deity – inseparable companion of Sogbo

Agbe (m) – Sea god and Ouidah master of humans – Fon of Benin – third son of Mawu-Lisa, twin brother of Naeté, His holy day is January 10 (See also Agwe/Agive)

Agbe-Naete (m) – God of the waters of the earth – Fon of Benin – son of Mawu-Lisa

Agé (m) – God of the mythology –  Fon of Benin – Son of Mawu-Lisa

Agipie (m) – Sky God – Turkana of Kenya and Tanzania

Agué – Forest God, one armed or one legged or one eyed leader of all Aziza (forest Spirits) – taught men the secrets of medicinal and poisonous plants (Similar to Ochossi and Osanyin)

Agwé (m) – God of the Sea – Haitian Yoruba Vodoun deity – married to Erzulie Freda and La Sirene

Agwe, Agive (f) – Goddess of the Sea – Benin – protector of sailors and owner of all ships and navy, overlaps with Yemaya and Olokun

Agwu (m/f) – Trickster God – Igbo of Nigeria – similar to Anansi of Akan and Esu of Yoruba

Agwu Nsi – God of health and divination – Igbo of Nigeria

Ahia Njoku, Ifejioku (f) – Goddess of yams – Igbo of Nigeria

Aido-Hwedo (m) – Creator Serpent God – Fon of Benin – coiled around the world

Aiwel (m) – Stone ancestor – Bor and Dinka of Sudan

Aja, Aje, Ajaiamo, Ijam-aje (f) – Mother Goddess of the unborn – Yoruba of Nigeria

Aje Shalanga – Yoruba of Nigeria

Ajogun – malevolent spirit beings – Yoruba of Nigeria – 8 Ajogun warlords run errands for Esu

Ajok, Naijrok (m) – Creator God – Lotuko of Sudan – holder of Naijok power

Ake (m) – Supreme God – Abua of Nigeria

Aker (m) – God of earth and underworld – Kemet [Seems like ASR (Ausar)]

Akoma Mba (m) – Ruler of Ekang –  Fang of Cameroon, E. Guinea, Gabon – exiled by Abo Mama to return to defeat him

Akonadi – Supreme creator god – Ngombe of Congo

Akongo (m) – God of the forest – Ngombe of Congo

Akuj – Supreme god – Turkana of Kenya

Ala, Ale, Ali, Ani (f) – Earth Goddess, Goddess of fertility, Queen of the underworld, mother of Igbo – Igbo of Nigeria  – daughter of Chi (Chukwu, Creator God), husband Amadioha

Alatangana (m) – Lord of human races – Kono of Guinea

Alouko Niamie Kadio (m) – Creator God – Anyi of Ivory Coast

Ama (f) – Creator God – Jukun of Nigeria – the Potter created first man Chudo

Amadioha (m) – god of thunder and lightning – Igbo of Nigeria – also called Kamalu, Kalu Akanu, Kamanu, Ofufe. Wife Ala.

Amlak – Ethiopian

Amma (f) – Creator god – Dogon of Mali and Burkina Faso – created Ogo (later Yuguru) and Nommo, 4 elements + 266 signs

Ammut (f) – Goddess with the head of a crocodile, the middle of a lioness, and the hind quarters of a hippopotamus – Kemet

Amun (Amen, Amon) (m) – Kemet – wife Amaunet

Amunet (Amenet, Amonet or Amaunet) (f) – Kemet – husband Amun

Anaisa Pye, Anaisa Pie Danto, Anaisa La Chiquita – Goddess of Love and Wealth – Dominican Vodoun

Ananagu – Guardian – Vodoun – daughter of Olokun, similiar to Pandora but became a guardian after opening the chest

Ananse, Anansi – Spider trickster, mediator between Heaven and Earth, – Ashanti (Asante) of Ghana – wife Shi Mari(a)

Anat, Anta, Anit, Enit – Kemet –  consort of Menthu

Andriamahilala (f) – the first woman, became Moon Goddess – Malagasy of Madagaskar

Andriambahomanana (m) – Supreme God – Malagasy of Madagaskar – lost sons Rakoriaho and Ravao

Andriananahary (Zanahary) (m) – Creator God – Magalasy, Betsileo, Merina of Madagaskar – one of four sovereign lords guarding a quarter of the world (Rakelimalaza, Ramahavahy, Ranakandriana), son Ataokoloinona

Anpu (Anubis) (m) – God of Tuat, the underworld – Kemet

Anuket, Anqet (Anukis) (f) – Goddess of the Nile river – Kemet

Anyanwu (f) – Sun Goddess – Igbo of Nigeria

Aondo – Creator God – Nigeria

Apap – Creator God – Uganda

Apedemak – War God depicted with a lion’s head and human body – Sudan

Arebati (m) – Creator God – Efe of Congo

Aruan (m) – Mythic King – Kyama of Benin, Ivory Coast – son of King Ozolua, brother of Esigie

Arum – Creator God – Uduk of Ethiopia [Seems like Atum]

Asase Ya (f) – Earth goddess of fertility – Ashanti of Ghana – husband Nyame and two children Bea and Tano, but also Anansi, the trickster

Ashe, Ise – divine energy or power of blessing – Vodoun

Asis (-) – Sun God – Kipsigis of Kenya (and Suk and Pokot of Uganda)

Asis (m) – Creator God – Nandi of Kenya

Asista (m) – Sun God – Nandi of Kenya

Assie (f) – Earth Goddess – Agni of Baoule/Ivory Coast

Ataa Naa Nyongmo (m) – creator god – Ga of Ghana – son of the Supreme God

Atai – mother Goddess – Efik of Nigeria – husband Abasi

Ataokoloinona (m) – son of the supreme god – Madagaskar

Ausar (Osiris) (m) – God of vegetation and fertility, resurrection in Tuat, the Underworld, and the Judge of the dead – Kemet – son of Geb and Nut, brother of Set, NebtHet and Auset. Wife Auset, son Anpu (Anubis) by NebtHet, son Heru by Auset.

Auset, Aiset (Isis) (f) –  Goddess of fertility and motherhood – Kemet – daughter of Geb and Nut, husband Ausar, son Heru

Avrikiti – God of fishermen – Fon

Ayayo (f) – Goddess of malevolent witchcraft – Vodoun – younger sister of Oya

Ayezan, Ayzan (f) – Goddess of the marketplace, commerce and communication – Haitian Vodoun and Yoruba, Dahomean in origin – husband Legba, mother of Eshu

Ayida Weddo (f) – Goddess of fertility, rainbows, wind, water, fire, and snakes – Haitian Vodoun and Yoruba of Nigeria and Benin – husband Damballah-Wedo

Azacca, Cousin Zaka (m) – God of Agriculture and CommunityHaitian Vodoun – brother of Ghede

Azaka-Tonnerre (m) – God of thunder – Haiti Vodoun



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