Sudan to Lower Egypt

Anglo-Egyptian_Sudan_Nubian_womanFrom Illusions 1
By Atiba K. King (2000)

SOMALIA—Known in Africa since ancient times as God’s Land, was believed to be the home of the earliest Kings of Egypt. (From the 1981 edition of ‘The New Book of Knowledge’)

Egypt long ago recognized the truth that artistic poses and melodies must be spiritually righteous so as to project goodness of the soul and body if they are to be practiced by the youth. They drew up the inventory of all the standard types and consecrated them in their temples. All practitioners of the arts were forbidden to innovate on these models. In both music and the arts these prohibitions still exist. If you inspect their paintings and reliefs for over ten thousand years you will find in all precision they exhibit an identical artistry. In the matter of music this proves that it is possible to canonize melodies which exhibit an intrinsic rightness permanently by law. Egyptian legislators and statesmen deserve immense credit for these actions. Egyptian tradition states that the melodies preserved for so many ages were the work of [Auset]. (paraphrase taken from Laws II, pp.656d-657b by ‘Plato the Collected Dialogues’ edited by Hamilton and Cairns)

A review of the principle texts concerning the religion of ancient Egypt proves beyond all doubt that the indigenous religion was unlike any Asiatic religion with which it has been compared. Moreover, the characteristics indicate that the religion of dynastic Egyptians […] is of African origin. (paraphrase from the preface to ‘Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection’ by E. A. Wallace Budge; pp.xiii and xiv.)

Modern Sudan beliefs are identical with those of ancient Egypt because the Egyptians were Africans and the modern peoples of the Sudan are African. (Quote from the preface to ‘Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection by E. A. Wallace Budge; pg. xvii.)



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