KMT – Auset (9)

AusetStatute of Auset Suckling Heru; Bronze
Karnak Late Period (664-332 B.C.)
Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Despite the minute scale of this figure of Auset (Isis) with the Heru (Horus) child on her lap, the workmanship is rich in detail. The sides of the throne display woven patterns and the traditional motif of the unification of the Two Lands. The goddess wears anklets and armbands in addition to a close-fitting dress and uraeus diadem. The small Horus figure wears the Double Crown. But even here Kushite details can be recognized.

Auset was the daughter of Nut and Geb. Twin sister of NebHet, wife and sister of Ausar (Osiris). The ideal wife and mother. Generally a goddess of the home and person rather than of the temple and the priest. Here divine mother, Auset, is sitting on a lion throne. Her tripartite wig is covered with a vulture headdress, surmounted by the corba crown, with cows horns and solar disc. She is offering her breast to her son Heru, who was born a King, seated on her lap. Heru is shown with a side lock and nude, to indicate that he was a child.

Goddess Nut is the sky goddess, and her daughter Auset is the Star System Sirius. Auset has many brothers and sisters as you can look up and see the sky has produced many stars but the star system Sirius is the brightest star system in our night sky. This is one of the reasons why our ancestors believed that Goddess Auset has a very powerful influence over the affairs of Earth.

Auset is an extremely wise and divine Goddess. She gave her husband Ausar the wisdom to make the absolute best decisions and this led to growth and prosperity for all the people in their community. With Auset and Ausar helping the people, they were able to make huge leaps of progression.There are many stories about Goddess Auset but the most famous story is about how she and Ausar started Kemet (Egypt). Ausar was a great king to the land, and he and Auset helped many people learn how to grow crops and prosper. Because Ausar helped so many people he was very known and loved by the people. This made Ausar’s brother Set jealous. Set killed Ausar, and dismembered his body.

Then Auset worked to find Ausar’s fourteen body parts. She re-membered thirteen parts of his body, anointed him and created the first mummy in the history of humanity. Her love and magic to bring Ausar back to life. Auset spiritually connect with Ausar, and became pregnant. This is why our ancestors say that Auset is a virgin mother. Because she only had spiritual intercourse to produce her son Heru. It was Heru that vanquished Set, met with Ausar in heaven, and took over the thrown to restore divine order to Kemet.

This myth describes the forces of destruction that initiated the process of mummification. The love of Auset is symbolic of regeneration and the promise of eternal life. The cycle of destruction, death and rebirth was repeated each year in the annual flood of the Nile, the river that provided the essential ingredients needed to sustain life, giving birth to one of the first civilizations.

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    I had decided on posting the picture without text, but I managed to find the text back that came with the picture, and added some more juice. Wiki might have some more information. Enjoy.

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