Nut and Geb – Sky and Earth Give Life

Nut and GebNut and Geb

The NTRW Nut and Geb are the children of Shu and Tefnut.

Nut, the Sky Goddess, embodies the sky, arching from horizon to horizon. The stars are part of her and the sun passes through her every day. Geb is the Earth God, lying beneath her.

During the day, Nut and Geb are separated, but each evening Nut comes down to meet Geb and this causes darkness. If storms came during the day, it was believed that Nut had come closer to the earth.

According to a creation myth, Geb and Nut angered Amen (or Ra), the God of Gods, their grandfather, because they were locked in a perpetual embrace. On the orders of Amen, they were separated by Shu who stood on Geb and lifted Nut high up above him – creating our atmosphere by separating the sky from the earth. However, Nut was found to be pregnant and gave birth to Ausar and Set, Heru-Ur, Auset and Nebthet. Geb still longed for his sister and wife, and was often depicted lying prone with his erect phallus pointing towards her body. He wept when he was separated from her, and so created the oceans of the world.

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