KMT – 0. The Law of Amen

Amun AmenLaw of Amen

You were made in the likeness of a peace that nothing can disturb. Reclaim your peace that you may attain to your reason for coming into existence – the enjoyment of life.

Reasoning: If in truth it is our nature to be at peace (free of automatic emotional responses) in situations of challenge, then the only thing we need to do is to ignore the emotional reflexes that come up in such situations. What is the point of suffering and destroying our health and performance abilities if we can be at peace—especially when the peace in situations of challenge leads to enhanced intuition and spiritual power.

Amen Truisms:

  • I live expecting neither gain nor loss, pain nor pleasure from the things I need in life, because my nature is essentially unconditioned.
  • That which is my Self has no likes, dislikes, preferences or predetermined emotional or thought responses to situations.
  • I am essentially unconditioned. I cultivate my happiness through spiritual development. I understand that happiness is not a continuous freedom from pain resulting from difficulties.
  • No one knows my name, neither men nor gods. No one has seen my face, neither my father nor my mother. I was before the first time and shall be beyond the last.



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One thought on “KMT – 0. The Law of Amen

  1. Thelondonflowerlover January 27, 2015 at 10:55 pm Reply

    so so so beautful

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