KMT Hieroglyphics

Egyptian Hieroglyphic TextEgyptian Hieroglyphics 3  Basic MDW NTR Alphabet

The Vulture: the first letter is “a” written similar to an italic 3 (pronounced like the “a” in pat) is the silent indrawn breath that signifies spirit.

The Reed Leaf: the second letter is “i” (pronounced like e in bed) is the out breath which brings form and movement to our bodies.

The Double Reed Leaves: The third letter is ‘y’ (pronounced like ee) is symbolic of vital harmonic growth and the relationship of organic growth based on “phi” the golden ratio.

The Forearm (Arm and Hand): The fourth letter is “a” written like a single quotation mark (pronounced like a in day) is the symbol of the measure of a person or the individual ego. Kemetic wisdom taught that the human figure is a five-pointed star with the side points corresponding to the arms and legs. Five pointed stars on Temple walls, ceilings, and papyri are representative of the home of successfully departed souls.

The name MAAT contains both the vulture “a” and the forearm “a”. This shows that MAAT embodies the spiritual principle and its effect in the world!

The Quail Chick: The fifth letter is u or w (pronounced like oo in too or w in wet) is a symbol of becoming.

The Leg (Foot): The sixth letter is b (pronounced like b in boot) is the lower leg and represents “to go ahead” or “to proceed”

The Door (Mat): The seventh letter is p (pronounced like the p in pat) is esoterically symbolic of the doorway, as in per for house and in Anpu, known as the Opener of the Way.

The Horned Viper: The eighth letter is f (pronounced like f in foot) is symbolic of breath and the air that gives life.

The Owl: The ninth letter is m (pronounced like the m in moon) is symbolic of re-absorption. It is the re-absorption of our separate consciousness that allows the healing to begin the overcoming of individual limitation. Other cultures regard the owl as a spirit messenger. Native American tradition teaches that owls bring dreams. Dreams are the merging and transforming of different states of consciousness to create a new reality. In Polynesian tradition the owl assists in the re-absorption of the individual back into the realm of the spirit.

The Water: The tenth letter is n (pronounced like the n in noon) symbolizes energy. Original energy is like still water which, once it receives an impulse, manifests itself in waves that grow in size and strength to carry energy in all directions from the center to the circumference.

The Mouth: The eleventh letter is r (pronounced like r in right) is the symbol of the solar principle. It is a mouth in the shape of the vesica piscis. In Ra the cosmic Ausarian energy is received then transmitted throughout our solar system.

The Courtyard: The twelfth letter is h (pronounced like h in hat).

The Twisted Flax: The thirteenth letter is h with a dot under it (pronounced like h in ha or help) it symbolizes the sound of light and spirit.

The Placenta: The fourteenth letter is h with a small “v” under it (pronounced like ‘khe’ sound in kelp)

The Animal’s Belly with Teats: The fifteenth letter is h underlined (pronounced like the ‘kha’ sound in kart.

The Folded Cloth or Door Bolt: The sixteenth letter is s (pronounced like s in saw). The Folded Cloth symbolizes the activating vital fire of life, the kundalini fire snake that must be mastered once it is aroused and ascends thru our subtle body (meridians or chakra centers). The Door Bolt is associated with passivity and duality as such it symbolizes the power of binding together.

The Pool: The seventeenth letter is s with a small “v” over it (pronounced like sh in show).

The Triangle (Hill Slope): The eighteenth letter is k with a dot under it (pronounced like q in queen) is symbolic of the triangle within which all possibilities are contained as in the union of the trinity of Asr, Ast, and Heru.

The Cup (Basket with Handle): The nineteenth letter is k (pronounced like k in basket) symbolizes the principle and the container of triple darkness.

The Stand or Support: The twentieth letter is g pronounced like g in go) symbolizes the support for the darkness.

The Loaf: The twenty-first letter is t (pronounced like t in tap) and symbolizes the power of concretization and direction. It is linked with the earth and nature; it indicates the feminine principle.

The Tethering Rope: The twenty-second letter is t with a line under it (pronounced like tch in chain).

The Hand: The twenty-third letter is d (pronounced like d in day) and symbolizes the creative power the creative power and therefore action.

The Snake: The twenty-fourth letter is d with a line under it (pronounced like dj in adjust) it is symbolic of the delineation of space.

Kemetic wisdom held that vowels were the seeds of creative power and should never be written. The exact meaning and pronunciation of the vowels was a sacred connection taught only to initiates. For this reason those letters that look like english vowels are not vowels in any sense of the term. The consonants are the outer manifestation of meanings and the vowels are the inner essence of meanings. Creation is possible for those who know the sacred relationship.




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  1. Natiya August 17, 2016 at 3:09 pm Reply

    can you please advise me on how I would write my name in mdu ntr, I feel there are a few ways to do it, and would love some insight on this. My name is Natiya Monae

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