Listing the Wind

7M Annunaki Winged GodList of wind deities

There are many different gods of wind in different religions:

Greek mythology

Aeolus, God and Ruler of the Winds
Anemoi, (in Greek, Ἄνεμοι — “winds”) were Greek wind gods gods of the winds:

  • Boreas, god of the north wind and of winter.
  • Eurus, god of the unlucky east or southeast wind.
  • Notus, god of the south wind.
  • Zephyrus, god of the west wind.
  • Aparctias, another name for the north wind (not identified with Boreas).
  • Apheliotes, god of the east wind (when Eurus is considered southeast).
  • Argestes, another name for the west or northwest wind.
  • Caicias, god of the northeast wind.
  • Circios or Thraskias, god of the north-northwest wind.
  • Euronotus, god of the southeast wind.
  • Lips, god of the southwest wind.
  • Skeiron, god of the northwest wind.

Aura, divine personification of the Breeze.
Aurai, nymphs of the breezes. They were daughters of the Anemoi.

Egyptian mythology

Amun, god of creation and the wind.
Shu, god of the wind and air.

Aztec mythology

Ehecatotontli, gods of the breezes
Ehecatl, god of [the West] wind.
Mictlanpachecatl, god of the North wind.
Tlalocayotl, god of the East wind.
Vitztlampaehecatl, god of the South wind.


Enlil, the Mesopotamian/Sumerian god of air, wind, breadth, and loft
Fei Lian, the Chinese wind god; Feng Bo is the human form of Fei Lian.
Fūjin, the Japanese wind god and one of the oldest Shinto gods.
Njord, in Norse mythology, is the god of the wind. There are also four dvärgar (Norse dwarves), named Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri, and probably the four stags of Yggdrasil, personify the four winds, and parallel the four Greek wind gods.
Pazuzu, the demon of the South-West wind and son of the god Hanbi in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology
Sídhe, or Aos Sí, were the pantheon of Pre-Christian Ireland. Sídhe is usually taken as ‘faery folk’ but it is also Old Irish for wind or gust.
Stribog is the name of the Slavic god of winds, sky and air. He is said to be the ancestor (grandfather) of the winds of the eight directions.
Tate, a wind god or Spirit in Lakota mythology
Tāwhirimātea, Māori god of weather, including thunder and lightning, wind, clouds and storms
Vayu, the Hindu God of Wind, Hanuman’s father
Vate (واته), the Iranian god of air, wind. a god can make a cloud to a useful rain or a destroyer flood.
Venti, in Roman mythology (Latin, “winds”) were the deities equivalent to the Greek Anemoi.



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